Reading Groups

I organize two long-term online reading groups.

The code of our logos are available at

Proof-Based Math Readings

Proof-Based Math Readings is a free and independent online reading group where we study mathematics required in economics master’s/PhD programs using an intuitive approach.

This reading group has 25 members for now and accepts new members.

Our syllabuses and application form are available at

Term Book Syllabus Duration
2024 Winter Statistical Inference
- George Casella, Roger Berger (2nd Edition, 2001)
Statistics 12 weeks
2024 Fall A First Course in Optimization Theory
- Rangarajan K. Sundaram (1996)
Optimization 12 weeks
2024 Summer Measure, Integration & Real Analysis
- Sheldon Axler (2023)
Soon! 12 weeks
2024 Spring Linear Algebra Done Right
- Sheldon Axler (4th Edition, 2024)
Linear Algebra 12 weeks
2023 Winter Topology
- James Munkres (2nd Edition, 2014)
Topology 12 weeks
2023 Fall Matrix Algebra
- Karim M. Abadir, Jan R. Magnus (2005)
Matrix Algebra 12 weeks
2023 Fall Basic Analysis I
- Jiri Lebl (Version 6.0, 2023)
Real Analysis 12 weeks
2023 Summer Book of Proof
- Richard Hammack (3.3 Edition, 2022)
Proof Techniques 6 weeks

Machine Learning Readings

An Introduction to Statistical Learning - Gareth James, Trevor Hastie, Daniela Witten,
Rob Tibshirani, Jonathan Taylor (2nd Edition 2021)

This reading group has 10 members.

(Summer 2023)