Reading Groups

I organize two long-term online reading groups.

The code of our logos are available at

Proof-Based Math Readings

Proof-Based Math Readings is a free and independent online reading group where we study mathematics required in economics master’s/PhD programs using an intuitive approach.

This reading group has 24 members for now and accepts new members.

Our syllabuses and application form are available at

Measure, Integration & Real Analysis - Sheldon Axler (2023)

Linear Algebra Done Right - Sheldon Axler (4th Edition 2024)

Topology - James Munkres (2nd Edition 2014)

Matrix Algebra - Karim M. Abadir, Jan R. Magnus (2005)

Introduction to Real Analysis, Volume I - Jiri Lebl (6.0 Edition 2023)

Book of Proof - Richard Hammack (3.3 Edition 2022)

(Summer 2024)

(Spring 2024)

(Winter 2023)

(Fall 2023)

(Fall 2023)

(Summer 2023)

Machine Learning Readings

An Introduction to Statistical Learning - Gareth James, Trevor Hastie, Daniela Witten,
Rob Tibshirani, Jonathan Taylor (2nd Edition 2021)

This reading group has 10 members.

(Summer 2023)